Core Services

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting involves financial data recording and reporting. We prepare full set account for companies who require a proper and complete set of financial statements for their business purposes. To illustrate, we deal with numerous financial transaction data and from that, we are able to analyse and summarise monthly, quarterly or yearly financial reports that contains various profitability to suit our clients’ needs. Rather than manually recording, we use computerised software that are recognised by business associations so that these could be accomplished in a short time with higher precision.

SST & Taxation

As tax obligations undergo alterations frequently, business taxation can be sophisticated. Failure to pay taxes can lead to legal consequences such as penalties and thus, our tax accountant team helps to ensure the companies comply with the latest tax laws by filing their central and state income tax and SST returns. We are here to organise your documents and financial records properly and look for tax deduction and credits and compute your tax amount owed. Moreover, tax planning is also vital for business. Our tax professionals develop strategies and effective tax management for you to minimise your tax payment.

Company Secretarial

Company secretarial plays a pivotal role in growth and success of companies. Here we provide a wide range of company secretarial services to our clients who need assistance to comply with the legislations and regulations ranging from new business formation, registration and incorporation in Malaysia, provision of a registered office facilities to assistance in their communication with shareholders. By maintaining and organising your official corporate filing and documentation, we can handle the corporate compliance effortlessly, results in a smoother workflow within your company.

Business Consultancy

As business consultants, we provide assistance and advisory for clients in goal achievement. We have professionals who are expertise in specific market, help the organisations to identify their strength and weaknesses, analyse the business market and develop strategies that maximise the opportunities to generate their revenue and shareholder values. Besides, we also guide them through the financial and business eligibility by assisting in the preparation of the documents required and advising on the type of assistance available in the market to capitalise the chances for successful loan application.

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